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Create Book World with Book Nook Kits - The Ultimate Reading Companion for Book Lovers!

Book Nook Kits

Create cozy reading nook with DIY Book Nook Kits! Perfect for book lovers and craft enthusiasts alike, these miniature dollhouses are the perfect addition to any bookshelf or desk.

Book Nook Kits

Transform your bookshelf into a whimsical wonderland with Book Nook Kits - the perfect DIY project for creating your own miniature dollhouse!

Miniature Dollhouse

Transform your DIY miniature dollhouse into a cozy and stylish home with adorable decoration accessories.

The perfect DIY miniature dollhouse for book lovers! Create your own cozy reading nook with book nook kits.

MIDDLETOWN, DE, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2023 / -- According to recent research statistics, with the continuous progress and development of technology, the popularity of handicrafts and hobbies will increase. The pocket art of creating dollhouses has a fascinating and unique charm that makes the viewer forget to enter the pocket world. Although there are other forms of miniature art, such as miniature paintings and sculptures, dollhouses are the most common representatives of miniature art because they are the easiest to get into.

History of the first dollhouse was born in 1557 in Bavaria, Germany, and is said to be a nobleman to his daughter's birthday gift. In the early days, only between the royal family and the aristocracy, spread to the United Kingdom before slowly developing into a common family leisure hobby, after the twentieth century with strong economic power and emphasis on family life in the United States, to provide the perfect environment for dollhouses, so that the art of dollhouses originated in Germany, in the United States to flourish. When the dollhouse developed into pocket art, it is no longer just an exclusive interest for children, but also an energy box for artists to use their imagination in a small space.

Today, the United States is the country with the largest number of dollhouse art lovers, with more than 2 million people, second only to stamp collecting and coin collecting in popularity. In the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Chicago Art Center, Lyon Pocket Museum of Cinema, and more than a hundred other museums, pocket art always makes visitors young and old linger, and has long been popular in Europe and the United States, while Asia started late but is unique.

Focused on the design of miniature dollhouses, with the “book nook kits” as the prototype design concept, the miniature dollhouse enthusiasts, set off a wave of enthusiasm.
A book nook is a tiny little room that you position between your books to give the illusion that there is another world hidden behind your shelves, Inside and out are details, especially the built-in lens to increase the sense of space, placed in the middle of the book, it is like a direct opening of an interdimensional channel so that people can not wait to drill in to explore. This is sometimes also referred to as a diorama or a bookshelf insert. By incorporating this element into the miniature house, people will not only enjoy the process of hand assembling, but no doubt this will also greatly enhance the beauty and decorative nature of the bookshelf. This is one of the reasons why it has taken the crafting world by storm.

CraftDIYKit is a Delaware-based DIY things retailer that creates unique miniature dollhouses and 3D puzzles for craft enthusiasts. The company puts all our effort into creating challenging handicrafts and designing them to be art pieces.
The designers of their team believe that lack of imagination is the only limitation when creating dollhouses. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the available small objects in your daily life, collect them first, and accumulate them into creative materials in different categories. For example, the semicircular shell of a disposable contact lens can be made into a chandelier shade made of woolen glass; two ordinary paper cups joined together with a little decoration can be a wine barrel in a wine cellar; even the plastic coils most often seen at bank counters to prevent the loss of ballpoint pens have been painted and turned into air compressor ducts to pump up the tires of motorcycle companies.
The dollhouse, which combines the qualities of delicacy, fantasy, romance, and beauty, can tell stories to the audience without words or language. Dollhouses with different themes can not only record the essence of different cultures but also reproduce the epitome of history through detailed evidence.
Their design inspirations include but are not limited to book nooks, flower shops, attics, libraries, etc. Their goal is to convene the world of engineering and creativity, and art harmonically and give birth to something unique.

How to integrate miniature dollhouses better into home decor, book nook series is a good choice! Nook refers to small corners and hidden places. It is a bookshelf decoration, often inspired by books, can also play freely, and can be simply understood as the book "hollow" to create a miniature world. Book corner decoration is often hidden in the bookshelf compact and beautiful, and is a surprisingly interesting presence. Side by side with it is books of all colors designed through layers with the purpose of catching your eye. To blend in, you need to choose the right theme that suits the surrounding book group. We can see from the photos that the bookshelves are all photography and visual books; the arrangement is neat and elegant. The choice of Japanese warm and simple architecture is in line with the atmosphere of the bookshelf. With the blessing of lighting, you can feel the instant dimension increase.

For beginners who do not have the foundation of artwork or any craft production, they suggest that you can learn from the simplest house box (room box) form of the dollhouse. This pocket-sized room box is use ready-made wooden cookie boxes as the main structure, the player is like an interior designer, after completing the floor, skirting board, wallpaper, ceiling, and other works in order, then put in order to meet the one-twelfth scale of reduction; collect and hand-made accessories in advance. In just two working days can produce a high degree of completion of the work.

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