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Ms Joyce IROKA appealing for VOCATION REALISE ON AGRIC EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION mix-farming project thank you for kindness

On how best to promote priestly vocation in the society as to eradicate poverty, inhuman policies, promoting education, provide employment VRAEF had difficult.

Nigerians: your fund or help will not pull me out of my religion or by spiritual attack, our Foundation is not political party but against inhuman policy, I must freely speak out my view.”
— Ms Joyce IROKA
ABEOKUTA, OGUN, NIGERIA, November 21, 2017 / -- CAC 76761

Unto the Guidance of the Blessed Trinity, chosen by Pope John Paul II for my long years of studies and research, on how best to promote priestly vocation in the society as to eradicate poverty, inhuman policies, promoting education, provide employment after education the concept of global development policy.
Vocation Realise On Agric Empowerment FOUNDATION is a non-political party but built on dignity in policy, not a religious order but own by Religious for foundation institute set up to empower His Grace Most Rev Dr Adewale Alfred MARTINS Priestly Vocation and to eradicate miserable living,
Aims and Objectives:
1. To Empower His Grace Most Rev Dr Adewale Alfred MARTINS priestly vocation.
2. To Empower Youths on Agriculture…
3. To Empower Education in Employment.
4. To Work with the Society of Jesus “Jesuit” CUSIMANO Family as well as American government and people.
5. To Eradicate miserable living, Inhuman immigration and inhuman policy.

We are out to challenge;
Governance and its principles
Concept of employment
Method of working
Capacity of production
Quality of production
Selling price
Commercial relationship
The agricultural training and proper decimination of Research solution to farming problem
Retransforming fund into projects and not sleeping money in the banks

Project base on AGRIC PROJECT (Mix-Farming + Laboratories + Storage and Structures) on 50H of Land in Abeokuta North Local Government, Ogun State, Nigeria
300 Staff of 35 posts

This is important to know this project has encounter lot difficulties, I was told difficulties but Christ is my driver.

The difficulties started April 2013 by KSJI Mr Hillary Anthony OKHUELEGBE who asked me to change my Godfather name to his oga retired cardinal Anthony Okogie, I remembered heard OKOGIE is not a good catholic head , I consider him to be the difficult I told him ‘NEVER will I change my Godfather to anyone”. 2nd Hillary said to me “tell your Godfather (Archbishop MARTINS) to allow me to meet three ministers to help for fuel money bringing you to Abeokuta from Lagos” Sir NJOKU KSJI was there and he asked why three? I replied Hillary by given an envelope of N20.000.00 cash and N60.000.00 cheque for fuel. Mr OKHUELEGBE said no thank you I was joking.
3rd immediately my demand for land was accepted Hillary said to me to give him plots of Land to build beside our foundation, I told him if I do this I am a thief because it was not in my letter and I did not said to them when I was interviewed, but you need I will apply for you but for this no.

Mr OKHUELEGBE and OKOGIE raised spiritual, administrative, moral attracts on me, and to my Godfather Archbishop MARTINS to reject me as to have the foundation fail. Trinity and Blessed Mother Mary defended us, the land was given to me 2016 and I was told that certain persons keep calling the Agric section in Abeokuta to give the land to them for they are my associate, simple Mr OKHULELGBE shameless KSJI.

Nigerian governmental staff demand bribe, lot I met calls me Amnesty and said I should come with Nigerians, I replied take the time you like, my sincerity will judge you for I will realise this project. These are Christians and Muslims, calls pastor, Rev, Imam, Sister, Brother, Chief, Alhaji, Alhaja , Mr, Mrs.

Many who helped acts dubiously, some take it as their family affair where their entire family member will become Director because they helped if I refuse they delay, these are difficulties, yet I act just. Nigerians should be taught how to make sincere ends

Nigeria banks exploit farmers. CBN loan farmers on 7%, 2% to farmers’ banker, bank loan 40%, in d North no interest. Banks in the South increases poverty, inhuman, agriculture is fund by WB to provide food. I would have asked loan, these are difficulty. The CBN conditions to the farmers are not just and right.

AFAN (All farmers association in South West are not responding to the Farmers)

The commercial farmers in Abuja labeled rich against the poor farmer s while gain Nigeria budget for farmers.

I will set up conference on how to avoid these difficulties

Authority Newspaper and Mr Emmanuel UDOH fraud

Ambassador of Malaysia was arrested by heaven direction, this project belong to America VATICAN and its owner His Grace Most Rev Dr. Adewale Alfred MARTINS, this kidnap would has demoralized them, United Nation I ask for justice Malaysian Government and people must not left unpunished

Nigeria President and officers should meet up UN standard most of them are corrupt this affects me because other nations step on us.

Nigeria President Muhammadu BUHARI, Prof Yomi OSINANJO,Alhaji Aliko DANGOTE former Presidents, Imam of Abuja Mosque Emir of Kano, Sultan of SOKOTO, Nigerians of good will our project need immediate fund, you have heard.

Account Number: 0169954432
Swift Code: GTBINGLA
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Address: Abeokuta
We’ve follow:
Account Number of the same Name above in different currencies:
Account Number: 0176582189 USD
Account Number: 0176582220 GBP
For more information please contact us:,

Your support may not all be cash but as well as in materials, technology, vehicles, farm working tools. Office uses, sanitary, medication setup, ideas on how to handle the criminals, carrying out seminar, conference, televised talks, media talks as to well understand our Aims and Objectives , help to have our road in good order etc

The foundation is not to sleep money in the bank rather investing in others States in Nigeria and across.

Nigerians: your fund or help, will not pull me out of my religion or by spiritual attack, our Foundation is not political party but against inhuman policy, I must freely speak out my view.

His Grace, Most Rev Dr. Adewale Alfred MARTINS
Ms Joyce IROKA
Engr Ernest OGBE

Mr Samson AMOSU
Lot of regard

Thank you

Ms Joyce IROKA
Project Director

Ms joyce IROKA
234 81 797 499 43
email us here

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